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Automobile accident claims usually involve trucks, motorcycles, or pedestrian accidents. Usually, most automobile accident claims lead to a personal injury lawsuit. This is more common than in any other type of accident. There is always a driver who is at fault or bears the most blame when any auto accident occurs. Perhaps the driver was driving while texting, at a breakneck speed, or against traffic rules and regulations. If you have been injured because of an auto accident, call the Law Offices of Victor Franco today!


Any injury that prevents the victim from performing ordinary activities of daily living (ADL) or a return to gainful employment over an extended period is referred to as catastrophic. Often, catastrophic injuries leave the victims with permanent organ damage, usually to the spinal cord or brain, which controls vital body processes. Of course, the more serious the injuries are, the greater the estimated medical expenses. If you have sustained severe injuries in an accident, call the Law Offices of Victor Franco and let us fight for you.


Brain injuries are very complex. It could be a simple concussion, which is relatively minor, or sometimes it is more serious than that. Injuries to the brain can result in a severe alteration of a person’s personality or bodily functions. Almost as seen in catastrophic injuries, severe brain injuries can prevent a return to gainful employment. Additionally, victims of brain injuries spend a lot of money on medical expenses. Therefore, you need to contact the Law Offices of Victor Franco if you or a loved one has sustained a brain injury from an accident.


Spinal cord injuries often cause a complete change and permanently leave an indelible mark on the victim’s life. Almost all accidents can result in spinal cord injuries, including auto accidents and even severe construction accidents. Regardless of whether such injuries leave you partially or completely disabled, you may require assistance for the rest of your life. This is why you must reach out to the Law Offices of Victor Franco as soon as possible.


In most states in the U.S., the owner of the dog is responsible if their dog bites anyone in a public place. They are to be held accountable if this happens in private quarters. Dog bites claims are categorized under personal injury suits and count towards receiving the same legal treatment and options as other forms of personal injury. However, there is a time limit on the viability of a dog bite claim. Hence, you must call the Law Offices of Victor Franco as soon as possible.


Slip and Fall accidents are legally classified as premises liability accidents. Suppose your accident was a result of someone else’s negligence; you can file a lawsuit to claim compensation for any damage, medical expenses, lost wages, lost days of work, or any other losses you may have incurred as a result of the incident. Although you may be tempted to wave it off, you must be medically checked after any fall. Additionally, call the Law Offices of Victor Franco immediately.