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Criminal Law

Criminal law is without a doubt, one of the most complicated areas of the law. However different the facts of criminal cases may be, their outcomes remain the same. When it goes wrong, one of two things happens. Either an innocent man is convicted of a sentence he did nothing to deserve, or a guilty man is set free to walk the streets again. Thus, in every criminal case, the lawyer’s job is clear. He must uphold justice, or else the dexterity of his craft loses relevance.

At Law Offices of Victor Franco, A.P.L.C, we fully understand the implications of every criminal case we engage in. In our study of the law, we have learned what it means to seek justice and uphold the tenets of the law in the face of penalties. In our study and practice of law, we remain conscious of the fact that the true definition of a good lawyer is not one who knows what the law says. Rather, a good lawyer is one who knows how to make the law count in every given situation. Over the years, we have proven ourselves to be credible worshippers in the temple of justice.

With a passion for the need to give everyone a chance at the law, we support each client with our adept understanding of the law. Our core values are excellence and empathy, which drive our work ethic. We diligently walk our clients down the path of legal processes through our legal advisory services. Our credibility has been proven through the feedback of clients whom we have helped navigate the murky waters of criminal law. We are open to offering our legal services to you. Contact us.

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